Avtrex has teamed with leading vendors in the new media field. If you would like to be an Avtrex partner, please contact us.

Avtrex technology supports the Broadcom BCM7038 digital video system-on-chip.
Avtrex and Gracenote have integrated Avtrex's music and video browsing and playback technology with Gracenote's capabilities for media identification and delivery of extended metadata.
Avtrex supports MontaVista and other embedded Linux vendors.
Novatec represents Avtrex in Japan and provides local project management and technical support.
Avtrex technology supports the NXP Nexperia PNX family of integrated media processors.
Pixsan provides Avtrex with valuable expertise in European digital television standards and provides European representation and product support.
Sigma Designs
Avtrex technology supports Sigma's family of Media processors including 862X, 863X, and 8654 for digital TV, set-top box, and digital media adapter products.
Sonic Solutions
Avtrex and Sonic have integrated Avtrex's PVR and media player technology with Sonic's industry-leading AuthorScript® CE DVD software.
Texas Instruments
Avtrex technology supports the Texas Instruments TMS320DM6467 DaVinci HD video digital media processor.
TV Guide
Avtrex and TV Guide have integrated Avtrex's advanced PVR and digital television capabilities with program guide information from the one-and-only TV Guide.

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