Avtrex has created core software components for digital home entertainment devices. These applications can be customized and integrated into televisions, set-top-boxes, DVD players, DVD recorders, home media servers, network gateways, and more.

As an OEM software provider, Avtrex has focused on portability (ATI, Broadcom, Intel, MIPS, Philips, etc.) and customizability to allow seamless integration with our clients existing technical infrastructure.

The software components fall into three primary areas.

Personal Video Recorder (PVR/DVR)

The Avtrex PVR application is a 3rd-generation solution incorporating innovative solutions to problems of:

  • plug-and-go setup
  • user interface speed and responsiveness
  • finding interesting programs to watch and record
  • recording and retaining the right program at the right time
  • multiple televisions (networked PVR)
  • multiple viewers, including "TV Allowance" for children

To learn more about the Avtrex PVR software, download a datasheet (Acrobat PDF), or read our white papers.

Digital Media Player / Adapter (DMP/DMA)

The Avtrex DMP/DMA application uses an advanced database design to organize and present digital music, photos, and video from anywhere on the home network or beyond, including support for Compact Flash and other removable media.

Music capabilities include:

  • browse by genre, artist, album name, or track — even by cover art
  • create or import playlists
  • listen to internet radio

Photo capabilities include:

  • browse by date or folder
  • create slide shows with music
  • zoom in and pan around each picture

To learn more about the Avtrex media player software, download our datasheet (Acrobat PDF).

Digital Television (DTV)

The Avtrex DTV application provides a complete ATSC television stack, including:

  • channel scanning
  • virtual channel table creation & management
  • PSIP-based EPG with automatic rescan
  • EIA-608 and EIA-708 closed caption decoding & rendition
  • "V-chip" parental control set-up and enforcement

To learn more about the Avtrex digital television software stack, download our datasheet (Acrobat PDF).

If you are an end-user and you would like to be considered as part of a “Beta” product testing program, please send your name, zip code, and email address to beta@avtrex.com.

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